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Eugene Otuonye QC (2)

Presentation made by Eugene Otuonye QC at the FGBMFI Grenada Convention 2017. The recording starts approximately 10 minute into his session. 

He is given the testimony of how God first saved him as a successful lawyer through the ministry of FGBMFI and moved him and his family to the Caribbean. The recording commences as he is telling about how a young lady was a comparatively recent convert to Christ gave him a paper with a prophecy while he was in Africa. He confesses that his pride prevented him from taking it seriously so he stuck the paper in his jacket pocket. Five years after he is in the Caribbean and puts his hand into the same jacket pocket and finds the paper with the prophecy telling what he is now beginning to live.

Enjoy. https://archive.org/details/EugeneOtuonye. The scripture passage used by Mr. Otuonye is viewable as a pdf here. Bible Passage

Professor Andrew Jupiter.

Professor Andrew Jupiter shares on the theme "More Than A Conqueror". He expounds on the meaning of the words which are translated 'more than a conqueror' and powerfully shows how God has worked through certain events and challenges to teach him that he is 'more than a conqueror in Christ'.

Enjoy https://archive.org/details/ProfessorAndrewJupiter

The accompanying powerpoint in pdf format can be downloaded here. Professor Jupiter's Presentation

Mario Enrique Garcia Olvera of Mexico

Mario Enrique Garcia Olvera of Mexico first presents on the topic "Called to Serve" under the theme 'More Than Conquerors'. In this he calls participants to understand that this is the essence of our calling. We are to serve in the kingdom of God and as such must seek to know where, how and when God is directing us to serve. The second recording is of Mario's testimony which he shared in the evening session showing how God moved him from a man whose first priority was money to His priority being God. From a man whose marriage was a facade to a man deeply and passionately in love with his wife.

Enjoy both of these presentations. https://archive.org/details/MarioEnriqueGarciaOlvera.   PDF of Mario's Presentation

https://archive.org/details/MarioEnriqueGarciaOlveraTestimony. PDF of Mario's Testimony

Pastor Cecil U. Quamina

Pastor Cecil U. Quamina of Trinidad and Tobago shares at the FGBMFI Grenada Convention on the topic "More Than Conquerors". Pastor Quamina encourages participants to understand that it can only be done by living life totally by the Holy Spirit.

Please enjoy. https://archive.org/details/PastorCecilQuamina 

You can also view the accompanying powerpoint as a PDF document here. Pastor Quamina's Presentation


Terence Rose.

Terence Rose spoke on Saturday 20th May, 2017 at the FGBMFI Convention in Grenada. Mr. Rose shares a brief element of his testimony, gives a glimpse of the heart of the Shakarian family and encourages the men on the importance and impact of what they are doing.

Enjoy https://archive.org/details/TerenceRose 

Curtis Todd's Testimony

Curtis Todd of Barbados shares his testimony at the Thursday evening session of the FGBMFI Grenada regional convention. Curtis tells how God brought him from a point of knowing about Him to being totally submitted to Him. He understands that giving is a natural "rule" of being a christian.

Enjoy https://archive.org/details/MrCurtisTodd 

Doug and Marsha Woolley -Saturday

Doug Woolley shares on the his life and the lessons God has taught him on the value of work. His wife Marsha also briefly shares her testimony on how God used worship and prayer in making her more than a conqueror over Breast cancer.

Enjoy. https://archive.org/details/DougWooley

You can view the Doug's powerpoint presentation here: Doug Woolley's presentation



Professor Omowale Amuleru-Marshall

Presentation made by Professor Omowale Amuleru-Marshall at the FGBMFI Grenada convention 2017. He gives his testimony and examines a dimension that few have the courage, mental fortitude or awareness to touch. More so it is clear that the realities of Romans 8:28 are evident in his life as we realize that the circumstances of his life are the very things which God has used to prepare him to engage in this task. 

Please enjoy Professor Amuleru-Marshall's audio presentation. Click Here.

Until then please enjoy this  PDF containing Professor Amuleru-Marshall's slides. Presentation Slides

Dr Azikiwe Ikeorha's Testimony

Dr Azikiwe Ikeorha better known simply as Dr. Zik shares the testimony of how God transformed the life of brilliant young man from Nigeria who was left fatherless with a household consisting of his father's two wives and over 16 siblings.

Please enjoy    https://archive.org/details/DrAzikiweIkeorha 

Commander (Retired) Garvin Heerah

Presentation made by Commander (Retired) Garvin Heerah at the FGBMFI Convention in Grenada in 2017. Commander speaks about Resilience and uses his military training experience and gear to bring home its importance in the life of believers.

Please enjoy this audio recording of the Commander(Retired) Heerah  https://archive.org/details/CommanderRetiredGarvinHeerah. The powerpoint presentation can be viewed and downloaded as a pdf here. Presentation as a PDF


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